What we plan to do

Around 220,000 households in Wales currently suffer in silence, with heating bills eating up more than ten per cent of their income because their homes are not energy efficient and their incomes are low. Every time fuel prices rise, more people fall into the fuel poverty trap.

This situation has to change. Evidence suggests that fuel poor households face increased risk of serious illness and their children are more likely to fail at school. Hundreds of people in Wales, many of them older people, will die from cold related illnesses and diseases every year. Others will be hospitalized or have increased visits to their local doctor because they are unwell. Cold and damp homes play a significant part in this unacceptable situation.

Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes aims to change all this by bringing together the key players across Wales and delivering innovative long-term partnerships which will eradicate fuel poverty and contribute to sustainable energy usage in Wales.

Our aim is to ensure that pilot projects in sustainable housing cease to be seen as a novelty but instead future potential. We offer social housing developers, the guidance and confidence, to deliver high levels of sustainablility, in an affordable and easily replicable way. Services will include:

  • Knowledge and skills development
  • Access to funding sources
  • Professional advice and project management services
  • Training

At this time of rapid change, we believe that there is a need for specialist support and practical advice. We also believe that we can assist in delivering affordable solutions for both new and established Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), to achieve and exceed the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.