Gas Services

Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes and Wales & West Utilities Ltd are working together to create warm, energy efficient homes in Wales and the South West of England. Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes and Integrated Energy Services work closely alongside Wales & West Utilities Ltd to enable you to connect your home to a gas supply and create a warm, energy efficient home . Our services include:

  • Gas Service Connection Grant to assist individual or groups of properties to connect to the mains gas network.
  • Gas Mains Extensions, We work  with larger schemes through communities who wish to connect to the gas network across the whole of Wales and the West of England
  • Funding towards a new Boiler for qualifying householders under the current Government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme

We’ve provided grant assistance for over 8,000 homes to be connected to the mains gas network, helping ensure these properties can provide warm and efficient homes for the householders.