House calls by us

House calls by Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes representatives

If your home is in a Regeneration Area, Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes surveyors may want to visit you, to assess whether your house qualifies for one of the Government’s energy efficiency schemes. During our visit and with your specific permission, we would also seek to determine the extent of the work that needs to be carried out, in order to maximise the grant available on your property.

If we need to enter your home we will always try to contact you first, to seek your approval and agree a mutually convenient time and date. We will normally make appointments in advance by phone, or letter, so you will know who will be visiting and when. However, even when an appointment has been made, you should always check the identification of the caller.

Uniform and Identification

Occasionally, we will make a visit that has not been pre-planned. This may happen when we are working in a particular area and take the opportunity of making an unscheduled visit. Under such circumstances and for your security, Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes staff will always have an identification badge and will be wearing a red, branded Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes t-shirt, jacket or coat. The ID badge will clearly show the individual’s photograph, name and the badge expiry date. It will also display the contact details for Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes. If the caller says they are from Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes but cannot show you their badge, do not let them in, they will not be one of our representatives.

If you’re unsure – call us

If the caller shows you their identification badge but you are still unsure, just ask them to wait on the doorstep while you give us a ring to check that they are genuine. Please no not let anyone into your home unless you are absolutely comfortable that they are a genuine caller. Do not feel embarrassed leaving them on the doorstep, Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes staff will not mind waiting while you phone to check with us.

Please call us on 01656 747622 if you have the slightest doubt.