Replacing your Boiler

The Government estimates there are over 2.5 million households in the UK which could benefit from a replacement boilers.  This applies to householders whose current boiler is over 15 years old or is broken.

Older boilers, even those which are working properly, are generally considered to be inefficient. A new A rated boiler will be over 90% efficient, whilst an older boiler may be as little as 65% or lower. This means is that an older boiler has to work much harder to heat your home to the same temperature as a new boiler – using more energy and costing you more money. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a new energy efficient boiler could save between £190 and £240 a year on average household heating bills.

Do you qualify?

As a result of the new Government policy and funding streams, many homes could receive help towards a replacement boiler or maybe a free boiler. Householders need to meet certain criteria including being in receipt of a means tested benefit, which could include pension credit, tax credits or income related benefits.  There may also be other grants available that will help you fund other energy efficiency measures in your home, such as external wall insulation, cavity and loft insulation which will help make homes even warmer and easier to heat.

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