Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

25/07/2014 – GDHIF NOW CLOSED

From June 2014, people in England and Wales will be able to get up to cash back through a new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund so they can take control of their bills and have warmer, greener homes.  Householders carrying out energy efficiency improvements on their homes can now get more money back to offset the cost of having the work done.

Under the new incentives scheme, domestic energy customers can get:

  • up to £1,000 for installing two measures from an approved list; and/or
  • up to £4,000 for installing solid wall insulation; and
  • up to £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment

Additionally, if you have bought a property in the 12 months prior to application to qualify for up to an additional £500 if you carry out energy efficiency improvements.

 The Rules:

  1. The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will be available to householders in England & Wales from June 2014.
  2. Householders will be able to receive GDHIF funding for solid wall insulation and/or any two of the following energy savings improvements:
      • Condensing gas boiler (on mains gas)
      • Double glazing (replacing single glazing)
      • Secondary glazing
      • Replacement doors
      • Cavity wall insulation
      • Floor insulation
      • Flat roof insulation
      • Room-in-roof insulation
      • Replacement warm air unit
      • Replacement storage heaters
      • Waste water heat recovery systems

 How much you can claim:

  1. For solid wall insulation: 75% of the costs of installation up to a maximum of £4,000 can be claimed back by the customer.
  2. For the ‘two measures’ option: 100% of the costs of installation to a maximum of £1,000 may be claimed back; for homemovers this maximum is £1,500
  3. To be eligible, a customer must have the improvements recommended on an eligible Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), less than 24 months old, or a Green Deal Advice Report. Households cannot combine GDHIF with funding from the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), the Green Deal Communities Scheme or the existing Cashback scheme for the same installation. However, households having previously benefited from ECO or Green Deal Cashback may apply for GDHIF for further improvements provided an EPC or Green Deal Advice Report recommends them.

The above is subject to change based on available funding and changes to the scheme.

How to apply:

Householders must take the following steps to apply for and claim their GDHIF payment:

  1. Have a valid Green Deal Assessment Report or EPC which must have been carried out in the two years prior to application;
  2. Apply for measures as recommended on their assessment report or EPC;
  3. Register for their GDHIF voucher when the application website and telephone hotline number go live in early June;
  4. Once they have received their voucher, customers must have the improvements installed by a registered Green Deal Installer or Provider within six months;
  5. Once the work has been completed, submit their voucher – countersigned by the Green Deal Installer or Provider – with copies of the invoice, PAS2030 Claim(s) of Conformity, and their Green Deal Assessment Report invoice

If you need further information on your GDHIF options or to find out if you can qualify for any other grants for your home improvements, then please contact Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes on 01656 747 622 or