Gas Connection Grant

You may qualify for help in paying for your new gas connection.

Wales & West Utilities Ltd (WWU), in partnership with Integrated Energy Services, a sister company of Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes, offer gas connection grants. You could qualify for help towards the cost of connecting your home to mains gas. The scheme is designed to help people who have difficulty in paying to heat their home. They would be better able to manage their fuel bills with access to gas and the competitive energy market, more choice of payment arrangements and new energy saving heating systems.

Gas connection grant

The offer applies to existing domestic homes and you must live in the home as your main residence.

You could receive a gas connection grant if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You live in an area eligible for support as  designated by the energy regulator
  • You  would need to spend  more than 10% of your income on household fuel to reach an acceptable standard of heating (Wales) or you have a low income and high heating costs (England), as defined by the Government.
  • You receive certain Government benefits

Find out if you can have a gas supply to your home by completing the Wales & West Utilities online connection form or call them on 0800 912 2999 to ask for a quotation. When you receive your quotation from WWU you will also receive a grant application form in the same envelope. To find out if you qualify for a grant, fill in the grant application form and send it to us at Integrated Energy Services. We also have an online application form at  Please ring us on 01656 747623 if you have any questions.  We will assess your case using the grant scheme criteria, on behalf of WWU.

How it works

If you meet the criteria, we will send you a voucher towards the cost of the gas connection. It may cover the full cost or part of the cost.  You can then send the voucher to Wales & West Utilities Ltd when you sign and accept the quotation. Integrated Energy Services and Warm Wales will also be able to tell you if there is any other funding available, towards the cost of a boiler or home insulation.