Renewable Technologies

Arbed PVWarm Wales-Cymru Gynnes specialise in providing professional services for renewable energy. We remain independent as a community interest company, but now have partnerships with some of the leading suppliers in the renewable energy industry, and can give you current market information, advice and guidance on both established and emerging renewable energy technologies.

Warm Wales-Cymru Gynnes play a key role in the development of the Welsh renewables market, and continue to passionately work with innovative professionals to meet the challenges of delivering a low carbon future.

We have been advising and delivering successfully on carbon reduction strategies, in line with Welsh Government targets for many years, working closely with RSL’s and councils as well as local developers, architects and the public sector to deliver renewable energy solutions.

Warm Wales-Cymru Gynnes offers professional services for renewable energy, offering technical expertise and advice. The company operates in all areas of the supply chain from feasibility and product assessment through to installation, project management and maintenance. We also cover other aspects such as Planning and Enviromental compliance advice and guidance.

The experience and knowledge we have of different technologies continues to set Warm Wales-Cymru Gynnes apart from new entrants to the renewable energy market, and those specialising in single market technologies.